a thriller written and directed by Luca De Luca

Gionny’s night is a short thriller that tells the story of the ups and downs of a young guy who, to save his life, has to settle his accounts in one night before he discovers the burning truth.

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Mattia is a young university student. Marco, an old friend of his father, stole cars on the outskirts of Rome to make ends meet. He was known as “The fastest swordsman in southern Rome” when he did business with the local underworld.
Mattia turns to Marco to help solve one problem but unexpectedly another is created. This time Mattia will have only one night to settle his accounts and to discover the bitter truth!

Watch La notte di Gionny

Gionny's Night


Production: Lumex Film
Director: Luca De Luca, Fabrizio Licheri
Actors: Mattia Viselli, Marco Zompanti, Emiliano Birbo Rossi, Mario Riccardi, Filippo Riccardi, Andrea Celani, Luca De Luca
Soundtrack: Fabrizio Licheri
VFX: Lumex Film | Vfx
Camera: Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K

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