A group of seven amateur cinema and filming enthusiasts embark on their first filming experience with the creation of a “very low budget” short film


Disappointed due to a romantic break-up, Francesco (Luca De Luca) wants to get back into the game. Thanks to a chat-room, he meets Saana (Daniela Di Stefano) and after exchanging a thousand words and waiting patiently for months, they decide to meet. However, a simple misunderstanding turns a blind date into a daring series of unexpected events.

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The unexpected


Directed by: Fabrizio Licheri, Luca De Luca
Subject: Luca De Luca
Screenplay: Luca De Luca, Daniela Di Stefano
Music: Federica Lancia
Actors: Luca De Luca, Daniela Di Stefano, Gaetano Rossi, Fabrizio Licheri, Paola Ignagni, Federica Lancia.
Photography: CLARA LIPARI
Editing: Fabrizio Licheri, Daniela Di Stefano
Production: BriXio Film
Format: 16:9
Camera: Panasonic HMC151

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